SECO of mobile platforms and my thesis

Hi everyone,

I’m a master student from Gothenburg University, Sweden. I’m going to do my master thesis in SECO area by collaborating Slinger at Utrecht Universit. I have not prepared the actual proposal yet, but a preliminary definition of the research project from Slinger is coming in the following:

Software ecosystems can compete: in the mobile market five different platforms, being Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android are competing for superiority. Some of these software ecosystems are more successful than others and many differences between these platforms exist. Some have open architectures and are available for any hardware (Android) whereas others have large component stores but are only available on a limited number of hardware (iPhone). This research studies the openness of the different architectures and platforms and aims to identify the weaknesses and strengths in strategies of these mobile platforms. The research is a mix of economic and software architecture research challenges. Several interviews will be held in the Netherlands with Mobile software companies to see what their motivations are for joining a specific software ecosystem.

So, I will join the blog by writing my findings from literature and websites related to SECO of mobile platforms.