Microsoft to Support Eclipse?

Didn’t quite see this coming…


Facebook turning to a more dominant orchastrator

I think this is a nice example of a seco orchastrator taking more controle over the SECO d-day-for-facebook-app-developers

Where do customers go?

When looking at SECOs, how important are customers and do you consider them to be part of the SECO?

Ivo: No, not part of the SECO because they’re part of the environment. If they all want something else (a demand change that affects your SECO) that is the environment, not the active players.

Slinger: But of course they’re part of the SECO. IF algae die, wales die, fish die, everything dies. Therefore, if customers aren’t part of the SECO, you might miss important network effects.

Ivo: well, in that case, both algae and customers are a keystone.

What do you think?

apple a dominator?

here’s a short article on the apple i-phone ecosystem and why some think apple is a dominator instead of a keystone.

“”It’s like the early days of PC computing; people who are playing well with others are those who are going to get the bigger share,” Lynch (CTO of adobe) points out. Apple innovated, but Windows got the market share”

Revenue of Microsoft Ecosystem

This research has calculated (among other things) that for every unit of local revenue that Microsoft will earn in 2009, other companies will earn an average of 8.70.

also: Companies in the Microsoft ecosystem employ 6.1 million people

and: In 2009, the companies in the Microsoft ecosystem will generate more than $535 billion in revenues for themselves. These revenues will remain in local economies.

Here’s an article on about it. Interesting discussion about it as well, below the article.